Superbowl Party Game is on in my Home!

Three confessions.  I LOVE the Superbowl commercials. I LOVE playing party games! I’m not a football fan.

As a result, going to or hosting Superbowl parties has never been my thing……until this year!!

Why is this year different? Fishbowl!  A party game using words, memory and charades.

So while my husband and some of our friends will be watching the Superbowl the rest of us will be playing Fishbowl.

And the best part about Fishbowl? It’s fast, competitive and fun, it requires minimal prep, you don’t need to buy anything, and it’s simple to score! Plus, whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party or hanging with your BFF’s it’s a great ice breaker and way to create instant community.

What you’ll need

– Pens

– Paper (3 pieces of paper for each person playing)

– A fishbowl/container to hold the pieces of paper

– Timer

Here’s how to play!

Divide your guests into two equal teams. Give each player three pieces of paper. Ask them to write one person, one place and one thing on each of the 3 papers. Collect and fold the papers and place them in the “Fishbowl container”.

1. First Round – Descriptive Clues

Team A selects a team member to go first. Team B selects a team member to time the one minute round.

When the timer starts, Team A member grabs a piece of paper from the fishbowl and gives descriptive clues to their teammates of the word on the paper. You can only use words and sentences as clues, no gestures! The object is to get through as many words as possible in one minute and to remember the words for subsequent rounds.

If the team is unable to guess the word, the clue giver has the option to “pass” and put the word back into the container and continues with a new word. However, the clue giver can only pass once during the one minute round.

After one minute, Team A totals up the number of successfully guessed words (each word equals one point) to determine their score.

Next, it’s reversed. Team B gives clues and Team A keeps time.

2. Second Round – One Word Clues

Place all the words back into the container and follow the same rules used in round one. Note: Both teams need to recall the words from round one.

However, round two, the person giving clues can only use one word as a hint and no gestures. For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can say the word “bone”.

3. Third Round – Charades

Place all the words back into the container.

In this final round, each team uses Charades as the clue to their team members. For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can point to their rib cage. When all the words run out, tally all the points. The team with the most overall points wins the game.

That’s it. Simple and sweet!


I’m always on the look out for great party games. If you have a favorite let me know in the comments below!