My husband and I recently downsized from our home in the suburbs. We moved to a condominium that we have owned for many years in the city. The transition has been fairly easy with only one real challenge.

Our home had an incredible backyard garden and view. We ate many a meal in our outside room. And, my tablescapes were made more beautiful by the daily, one of a kind show nature provided.

That divine outdoor setting has been replaced by a 4 x 10 foot balcony in the city overlooking a building across the street. Okay, you may think ewwwww what a drag! …And honestly that’s what I thought at first too.

But, then I thought… wow this is a great opportunity. How can I create outdoor ambiance in the concrete jungle that compliments my tablescape? Here’s my latest and unexpected inspiration.

Last week I stood on my balcony watching the El Niño rains dancing on the street below. The sound and smell of the rain transported me. It made me feel happy and content.

Enter a pretty table.

Delightful tablescape inspiration in the city! Table Dressed |

The cloth is a piece of fabric I bought when I was a sophomore in high school. I have had it all these years and never used it… until now. I love the shimmer of the orange as it plays off the orange brick of the building next door.

The leather silver pillows give an accent to the table covering.

My Tablescape Inspiration: Champagne and Raspberries on the Balcony

Always one to love bling I chose my Juliska gold fleur-de-lis plates. There is something very rich about combining gold and silver on your table.

Because there was a lot going on visually I chose the flowers as an accent to blend with the color of the tablescape.


And of course I needed champagne to compliment the sparkle and toast the much needed rain.


Cheers to an urban tablescape inspiration!