The Game at My Superbowl Party

Superbowl Party Game is on in my Home! Three confessions.  I LOVE the Superbowl commercials. I LOVE playing party games! I’m not a football fan. As a result, going to or hosting Superbowl parties has never been my thing……until this year!! Why is this year different? Fishbowl!  A party game using words, memory and charades. [...]

Have a Party and Help Heal the World!   What??

The two things I really love about hosting parties are creating a beautiful and simple backdrop for my guests to enjoy, and watching them connect and create community. So, when I recently read Trevor Noah’s article “Let’s not be divided. Divided People are easier to Rule”, I found myself wondering about the relationship between his thesis [...]

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My Magical Mismatched Tablescape

Why would I ever want to create a tablescape where nothing matches? Because I have a collection of one-off plates, glasses, flatware and linens that I adore. And like children, I love them all equally and wish I could gaze upon them all the time. In fact, I often fantasize about having multiple dining [...]

Discovering Placemats in a Tree

Everyday…..okay, maybe it’s every other day, I go on an exercise walk. I follow along several familiar routes. I have traversed these routes innumerable times. However, the other day while on my regime I passed something that I had walked by before, innumerable times, but had never seen! The shedding bark of a birch tree shaped [...]