The Game at My Superbowl Party

Superbowl Party Game is on in my Home! Three confessions.  I LOVE the Superbowl commercials. I LOVE playing party games! I’m not a football fan. As a result, going to or hosting Superbowl parties has never been my thing……until this year!! Why is this year different? Fishbowl!  A party game using words, memory and charades. [...]

Have a Party and Help Heal the World!   What??

The two things I really love about hosting parties are creating a beautiful and simple backdrop for my guests to enjoy, and watching them connect and create community. So, when I recently read Trevor Noah’s article “Let’s not be divided. Divided People are easier to Rule”, I found myself wondering about the relationship between his thesis [...]

My Magical Mismatched Tablescape

Why would I ever want to create a tablescape where nothing matches? Because I have a collection of one-off plates, glasses, flatware and linens that I adore. And like children, I love them all equally and wish I could gaze upon them all the time. In fact, I often fantasize about having multiple dining [...]

Discovering Placemats in a Tree

Everyday…..okay, maybe it’s every other day, I go on an exercise walk. I follow along several familiar routes. I have traversed these routes innumerable times. However, the other day while on my regime I passed something that I had walked by before, innumerable times, but had never seen! The shedding bark of a birch tree shaped [...]

Celebrating Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

If you’re like me, you’ve been totally blown away and proud of the excellence displayed by Team USA at the Summer Olympics. It is so exciting to see the best of the best! In celebration, I’m preparing to have an easy dinner with friends to watch the closing ceremony this weekend. Knowing the pageantry [...]

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