Hi! I’m Medora Heilbron
At-Home Entertaining Stylist

I help you make at-home entertaining simple, stunning and fun.

I love creating “community” when I entertain. Making my guests feel comfortable hearing their laughter and seeing their connections is my idea of heaven. After hosting lots of parties from casual and cost effective to the ultimately sublime, I’ve learned the key ingredients.

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What’s my secret?

My secret is what I learned in Hollywood as a television producer and executive. I developed compelling ideas that became hit TV shows, produced on a tight time schedule and a limited budget, with the right cast and the right look. Those are the same elements needed to make a party an authentic success!

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or want to entertain in your home but haven’t gathered up the courage yet, I have created the Divine Diva Entertaining™ system to help you. This system gives you the tools you need, a “scripted” plan to follow, and includes all my secrets to entertain successfully and with confidence.